Environmental Sciences from all Directions

Our research network represents the multiple areas of environmental research of the University of Vienna. The network consists of scientists from the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, law and economics and brings them together in the context of different initiatives. Furthermore, the network aims to take research to the outside world and to contribute, in joint efforts with its partners, to a responsible approach to our environment.

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1 June, 9:45: Workshop "The Future of Natural Heritage"

Organised by the research project New Directions in Plant Ethics; venue: Alte Kapelle, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Vienna


Bereits zum 18. Mal trifft sich das wissenschaftliche "Who is Who" der österreichischen Klimaforschung im Rahmen des alljährlichen Klimatages; diesmal...


A special block course for Master- and PhD students and other interested persons given by guest professor Bhoopesh Mishra (University of Leeds, UK)...


Venue: IWK, Berggasse 17, 1090 Vienna; organised by the research team New Directions in Plant Ethics

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Under the leadership of the Environmental Sciences Research Network of the University of Vienna, the key national actors in long-term ecological...

ESRN in the media

Unter anderem mit Beiträgen von Gerhard Herndl, Thilo Hofmann, Thorsten Hüffer und Antonia Praetorius - Sendetermin war von 24. bis 28.4.2017

Featured videos


Contributions of ESRN scientists in the FUTRELAB of the University of Vienna. The clips are available only in German.

  • Access to clean water: Können wir in 50 Jahren die Menschheit mit sauberem Trinkwasser versorgen? Umweltgeowissenschafter Thilo Hofmann antwortet. [view the clip]
  • Climate change: Wird es in 50 Jahren bei uns noch schneien? Umweltphysiker Paul Winkler antwortet. [view the clip]
  • Fish stocks in our oceans: Werden die Weltmeere in 50 Jahren leergeschicht sein? Meeresbiologe Gerhard J. Herndl antwortet. [view the clip]
  • Scientific culture and knowledge policies: Wie wird sich die Wissenspolitik und Wissenschaftskultur in den kommenden Jahren verändern? Wissenschaftsforscherin Ulrike Felt antwortet. [view the clip]


Many departments of the University of Vienna have been working successfully on environmental issues over the last few decades. The Environmental Sciences Research Network (ESRN) aims at increasing the internal and external visibility of the excellent environmental research conducted at the University of Vienna. [download the brochure here]

 Long-term ecosystem research

Under the leadership of the Environmental Sciences Research Network of the University of Vienna, the key national actors in long-term ecological research (LTER) join forces to establish a new infrastructure for the collection of environmental data. [learn more on the project]