Gathering of researchers

This section provides information on events and activities organised by the ESRN. The research network aims at bringing together existing research potentials and educational resources at the University of Vienna. In addition, it strives to promote exchange and cooperation between environmental scientists of the University of Vienna and to spread environmental knowledge and findings to a broader public.

ESRN in the media

In the media: SCIENCE STUDIO on nanoparticles in water

KTEP.ORG (El Paso, Texas) recently published a SCIENCE STUDIO on nanoparticles in water, talking to Thilo Hofmann, Department of Environmental...

ESRN event

17. Oktober 2017, 19:00 Uhr - Eine öffentliche Podiumsdiskussion des Forschungsverbundes Umwelt der Universität Wien in Kooperation mit dem...

ESRN in the media

Unter anderem mit Beiträgen von Gerhard Herndl, Thilo Hofmann, Thorsten Hüffer und Antonia Praetorius - Sendetermin war von 24. bis 28.4.2017