Further degree programmes

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In addition to the English-language master's programme in Environmental Sciences and the doctoral programme in Environmental Sciences, the University of Vienna offers further master’s programmes and a university continuing education and training programme in this field. In the academic year of 2014/2015, more than 60 courses in 14 directorates of studies were offered that made some reference to the environment in their title.

An overview

  • Master's and training programme in Risk Prevention and Disaster Management: was offered for the first time in 2015 and focuses on providing solid knowledge of the disaster management cycle along with the relevant background knowledge, national and international research concepts and theories, training and improvement of competence in application of relevant methods. postgraduatecenter.at/en/programs/health-natural-sciences/risk-prevention-and-disaster-management/
  • Master's programme in Ecology and Ecosystems (MEC): addresses fundamental problems in ecology in a holistic way. Student Point: MEC
  • Master's programme in Science-Technology-Society: trains students to contribute to a research-based critical understanding of the ever more important relations of science, technology and society. sts.univie.ac.at/lehre/master-sts
  • Master's programme in Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Management: aims at the training of high-profile experts on nature conservation who will serve in various professional fields, such as international and national administration bodies and research institutes and act as consultants for conservation assessment and planning, protected area management and NGOs. Student Point: NBM (in German)
  • Master's programme in Development Studies: German-language transdisciplinary programme that aims to conveying knowledge and methods in the field of international development. ie.univie.ac.at/studieren/masterstudium (in German)


Environmental report of the University of Vienna

The environmental report of the University of Vienna (published in 2015 and available in German only) provides brief summaries of the above mentioned degree programmes and courses. [go to UNIVIE website for download]