Environmental Engagements: talks

Public series of talks on current environmental research at the University of Vienna

How can we contribute to transformative change towards sustainable futures for the entire planet? How can we face the challenges on this pathway together? These are some of the questions the new “Environmental Engagements: talks”-format by the Environmental Research Network (ERN) of the University of Vienna addresses from a multitude of perspectives and thematic foci.

In summer semester 2021 the Environmental Research Network (ERN) started its new English-speaking series of talks under the title “Environmental Engagements: talks”. Bringing together environmental research experts from a variety of fields, it highlights the diversity of perspectives and know-how we need in order to make radical shifts towards more sustainable pathways. Inputs so far include a psychological view on our plastic consumption, a political-science analysis of Fridays for Future, an astrophysicist’s perspective on the environmental impacts of light pollution, and many more. The talks address a broad audience of non-specialists, and are accessible for students and the general public online. The ERN considers this format an important space for dialogue beyond disciplinary borders, about sustainability challenges that concern us all.  Join us on a pathway that celebrates the diversity of contributions towards the transformative change required for sustainable futures for everyone!