Joint research initiatives

Environmental sciences form the basis for a responsible approach to our planet Earth and its resources. Over the past decades, environmental challenges have become increasingly complex and multi-faceted due to the recognition of their diverse impacts on life on Earth, i.e. on the environment, societies and economies.

Our overall objective is to build networks between scientists representing environmental sciences at the University of Vienna and to stimulate joint research activities, based on excellent disciplinary research.

Research groups in the network

Research projects

The ESRN has been able to stimulate new research cooperation, for example between scientists from the field of geography and isotope research and scientists from the field of environmental geosciences and ecogenomics / systems biology, as well as initiated new projects.



Research platform PLENTY

Plastics in the environment and society - started in 2018 [more]

FFG infrastructure project LTER-CWN

Key players of long-term ecological research join forces - started in 2017 [more]

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship CORA

How archaea capture copper from soils - started in 2016 [more]